Nano Ceramic for Windows by Rhinoshield


Nano Ceramic for Windows by Rhinoshield

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Rhinoshield Nano Ceramic for Windows & Glass

Rhinoshield Glass Nano Ceramic Coating can be used on car windows, windshield, home or office interior or exterior windows for superhydrophobic effect and self cleaning properties. Rhinoshield Professional Nano Ceramic for Windows is engineered to provide more clarity & visibility. During the rainy day, no need to turn on your car wipers as high hydrophobic properties will let the water slide off. It has high fluorine content, which is easy to apply and is streak free. One application can last up to 6 months, the kit comes with full protection system that can be used for 2 years on your car.

It is recommended to reapply every 3 to 6 months for longer protection.

Rhinoshield Professional Glass Nano Ceramic:

  • Superhydrophobic
  • UV Protection
  • Self Cleaning ability
  • More Clarity
  • Slide off effect

How to Apply Rhinoshield Nano Ceramic for Windows

Wash the car with good quality car shampoo and dry the car with microfiber cloth to make sure there is no water or dirt. You can use IPA or degreaser to remove any oil film or grease particles before application. Simply, wrap the small cloth around the microfiber and drop 10-12 drops on sponge. Apply on windows in hash pattern up and down, wait for few minutes before rubbing with microfiber. For industrial or commercial application, you can use big microfiber towel with a sprayer.

It is recommended to do coating after 3-6 months because of friction on daily use can make the coating to go off.


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