Rhinoshield Series 7 Nano Ceramic Coating

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Rhinoshield Series 7 Nano Ceramic Coating for Automotive, Marine & Aviation

Rhinoshield Series 7 Nano Ceramic Coating creates microscopic nano particle seal on existing paint. The new advanced formula is auto detailer friendly and easy to use. Rhinoshield Series 7 is used a first coat and other Rhinoshield nano ceramic coatings are applied over it to create a strong protective layer on paintwork.

Rhinoshield Series 7 can be used as a standalone nano ceramic coating by applying multiple layers that provides 3 years protection. It provides 9H hardness with glass like finish on the surface that protects from swirl marks, acid rain, UV rays, oxidation and sand dust particles.

It has curing time of 45-55 minutes before you can apply another layer of Series 7 or Rhinoshield Series 9 or Rhinoshield Series 8.

Product drying time after application is dependent on the temperature between 1 minute to 4 minutes.

Rhinoshield Series 7 Ceramic Coating Features

  • 9H Hardness
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Swirl Protection on Paintwork
  • Scratch Protection when applied multiple layers
  • Anti-UV
  • Anti-Acid
  • Sand & Dust Protection
  • Water Sliding & Dust Sliding Effect
  • Bird Dropping Protection
  • Fire protection after curing
  • Easy Wash & Dry

How to Apply

Rhinoshield Series 7 nano ceramic coating is auto detailers friendly and can be used by DIY professionals. However, if you do not know how to handle nano ceramic coatings. We recommend seeking professional help from your local auto detailing centers.

Make sure your car paintwork and surface is prepared before application. Do not start the process without washing the car with car shampoo, always wash before preparation. The preparation steps include compound polishing with heavy, medium or fine polishing depending on your paint condition. Check your paintwork and apply clay bar to make the car paint smooth. Wash the car and degrease the paint with IPA or our Prepare Before Ceramic Spray. After above steps, apply in small area 40cm x 40cm part by part and do not do whole car in one go. Make sure to determine drying and wiping time before completing the full car. Wrap cloth on sponge and pour 10-12 drops and apply in #hash pattern. Wiping time is between 1 minute to 4 minutes depending on temperature. If you wait too long, ceramic coating may get hardened and you will get wiping obstruction. It is recommended to wipe when you feel a bit of resistance but not obstruction.


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