Nano Graphene Coating 9K by Armour King


Nano Graphene Coating 9K by Armour King

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Strongest protection that you car ever needs Nano Graphene 9K Coating by Armour King. It is manufactured for professional and DIY enthusiasts, easy application makes it stand out from other products and provides balanced quality that other products cannot match. The 3 layer formula can provide protection up-to 5 years depending on your region, climate and atmospheric conditions.

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Nano Graphene 9K Coating – Armour King

Nano Graphene is the new technology and the alternative to Nano Ceramic Coatings. Nano Graphene coating is carefully formulated from nano graphene molecules which are very small and the hardest material on the earth combined with properties to protect Car, Boat or Airplane exteriors. Graphene provides maximum protection with its 3D Nano Graphene molecules. Nano Graphene is available in 2 variants Nano Graphene 9K and Nano Graphene 10K, Nano Graphene 10K surpasses 9H hardness applied in multiple layers and Nano Graphene 9K is 9H.

What is 9H Hardness?

Most nano paint protection coatings are tested for their hardness and tested using the pencil scale hardness. The scale does not have testing limit beyond 9H. Nano Graphene 9K passes 9H hardness test. It is the hardest protective Nano Graphene coating providing 9H Hardness. Nano Graphene 9K provides protection against micro scratches, UV Rays, Bird Droppings, Road Grime & Brake Dust and Water Drops.

The Only Nano Graphene Coating

Nano Graphene 9K is the only Nano Graphene coating made to keep professional detailing and DIY enthusiasts in mind to make the application easy. The simple application after car preparation. Make sure to degrease the car before applying the product for the best results. Wrap the suede cloth around the sponge and pour 10-12 drops on the cloth and apply in horizontal and vertical motion. Wait to dry for 3-5 minutes depending on the temperature, when the product is ready to dry buff lightly. Nano Graphene coating works in a similar manner to nano ceramic coatings but provides better protection due to molecular difference.


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