Ceramic Shield 9H Nano Coating Upgraded


Ceramic Shield 9H Nano Coating Upgraded

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Ceramic Shield 9H Protective Coating Upgraded Formula

The all new Ceramic Shield v 2.0 with upgraded formula and most advanced materials than ever. Our hot selling product is upgraded for 2019 with new advanced organic and inorganic materials to provide you the best nano ceramic protection. It is priced exceptionally competitive while providing the maximum protection surpassing the most expensive brands that you have ever used. The all around paint protection against harsh weather conditions, chemicals, bird droppings and acid water.

The 3 layers can form a crystal layer on your car that shines like a crystal providing a 3D gloss, protection and durability for your car paint.

Features of Ceramic Shield

  • New Upgraded Formula
  • SiO2 Nano Ceramic Coating
  • UV Resistance
  • Chemical Protection
  • 9H Hardness
  • Crystal Shine
  • Water Beading
  • 3 Years Protection

Ceramic Shield 9H Usage

The new formula is perfect for wide range of applications and used in many industries. The top industries that use Ceramic Shield are:

  • Marine
  • Airline
  • Automotive

How to Use Ceramic Shield Nano Ceramic Coating?

The application is very friendly as compared to most of the products and comes with a full kit including 30 ml nano ceramic liquid, microfiber towel, sponges, wrap clothes and the manual. We recommend making paint preparation first before application of Ceramic Shield by compound polishing, it is crucial to have the best condition of the surface. Use clay bar if necessary to make the surface smooth. Always remember to wash the car with car shampoo before polishing as many Auto Detailing shops doesn’t wash the car, which is a bad practice. Use degreasing agent to remove any oil films prior to Ceramic Shield application. After above steps, wrap the cloth on the sponges and drop 8-10 drops and apply in small 40cmx40cm area part by part. Wait 2-3 minutes depending on the temperature, wipe gently to make the nano ceramic coating even. If applying multiple layers, wait 45-50 minutes between the layers.


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