Nano Ceramic Prep Degreasing Agent by Rhino Nano

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Are you Preparing your car before Nano Ceramic Coating Application Correctly? Rhino Nano Surface Prep is a perfect solution for easy professional application & DIY application of nano ceramic coatings. It can be diluted in water 1:2-8, which means you can adjust the effectiveness as per your requirement and can use on 30+ cars!

Unmatched Results! Unmatched Quality provided by Rhino Nano products made in Japan.

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Prepare Before Ceramic Coating Application

Are you preparing your car paint surface before Nano Ceramic application? Do you know, 85% of the detailers ignore surface preparation! Rhino Nano Surface Prep is easy to use spray on and wipe to get your car ready in 5 minutes.

It removes stubborn grease, silicone, and other contaminants to prepare the paint surface for Nano Ceramic Coating application. Rhino Nano Surface Preparation can be used with all ceramic coatings available in the market. The only safe car paint degreaser. Only use Rhino Nano Ceramic Coatings for high quality surface protection, Rhino Nano ceramic coatings are Made in Japan.

Not Just a Normal Degreaser

The development of nanotechnology, strong removal of paint resin wax, residual wax, to achieve oil removal and degreasing effect. The neutral formula will not hurt the car paint and the skin. It enhances the effect of ceramic coatings and other sealant applications. It can be used to clean the car and remove wax stains.

You can also dilute to 1:2-8 with water to make it work according to your own requirement, which means 500ml gives you extra long coverage and can be used on more than 30 cars! WOW!

You can apply directly on paint or microfiber to clean the surface. When using to clean the application sponges of wax, dilute in water and soak the sponges for 10 minutes to make your sponges new.

Application Usage:

1. Car Paint Surface

2. Glass & Windows

3. Metal, Steel & Aluminium

4. Kitchen Surface & Cook Range/Stoves

5. Microwave Ovens & Other Household items


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