Shield 9H Car Protective Polish Coating

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Shield 9H Crystal Ceramic Coating for Cars

Shield 9H is an upgraded formula and performs better than most Chinese ceramic coatings available in the market. Shield 9H forms a layer of protective coating on car paint to protect it from fading, weather and sunlight erosion, acid rain and iron dust and road grime. Multiple layers can fill minor scratches as well as prevent from minor scratches on the car paint. Shield 9H keeps your car clean for long making it less frequent to wash.

Shield 9H Superhydrophobic Properties

Shield 9H is a glass coating made with superior materials Polysiloxane and other nano materials, which are trade secret. It provides extreme gloss effect that makes the car paint to look like a mirror. 2-3 layers of coating can last upto 1 Year.

How to Apply

Make sure the car exterior is properly washed and free of dirt, water spot and grease. Once the car surface is 100% prepared, wrap the cloth around the sponge and drop 10-15 drops on the sponge. Apply in small 30x30cm area of the car horizontally and vertically in hash # pattern.

After application, buff gently after 3-5 minutes to even the coating and repeat the process if necessary.

Recommended Quantity for Cars

1 Bottle is enough for 1 small hatchback, but it is recommended to apply 2 layers as it will cover any missed parts and will last longer. 2-3 bottles are required for a saloon and 3-4 bottles for an SUV.

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