WONDER CLAY (S.R) NO.85 – 200G (RED)

WONDER CLAY (S.R) NO.85 – 200G (RED)

AED 50.40



PG Pro Wonder Clay No.85 (Aggressive)

PG Pro Wonder Clay No.85 200GM (Aggressive ABRASIVE)

– Foundation to brilliant and durable shine for a silky smooth finish
– Removes embedded surface contaminants like industrial fallouts, dirt, road grime, tree saps, brake
dust, road tar, etc; even over sprayed paints.
– Removes ‘bumps’ or roughness on car paint.
– To be used for surface preparation before application of Sealant, Wax, or Coating.
– Maintain a glass-smooth car paint surface after polishing.
– Cleans windscreen, headlamps, bumpers, alloy wheels, etc.
– Reusable, green, and environmentally friendly product.
– ROHS Compliance.
– Comes in different grades.


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