PG Pro Perma Glass PG 1 Pearl Glaze

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PG Pro Perma Glass PG 1 Pearl Glaze Extra Fine Compound

PG 1 Pearl Glaze is specially formulated for preparing automotive paint surfaces and provides extra super gloss on your car. PG 1 Pearl Glaze is extra fine compound polish that is perfect to use after using the PG 4 Heavy Cut or PG 3 Medium Cut polishing compound for super gloss. It is also recommended for new car and new paint surfaces making it perfect for preparing the new cars for nano ceramic coating.

PG 1 Pearl Glaze Features

  • Non-Silicone Formula
  • No Dust Formulation
  • Body Shop Safe
  • Very Mild Abrasive Level
  • Diminishing Abrasive Technology
  • Ultra Gloss Finishing
  • Removes light oxidation, swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches
  • Suitable for new paint surfaces
  • Suitable for machine use and easy to polish

How to Apply PG 1 Pearl Glaze Compound

  1. Always wash the car before application
  2. Apply onto soft finishing foam pad and polish with medium-high pressure and speed.
  3. Wipe off the residue with clean microfiber cloth and water
  4. Use Soft Foam Finishing Pad, Fine Pad
  5. Use with Orbital Polisher



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