PG Perma Glass Waterless Wash n Shine Kit


PG Perma Glass Waterless Wash n Shine Kit

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PG Perma Glass Waterless Wash N Shine

PG Perma Glass Waterless Wash N Shine is formulated with quality cleaners, lubricants, polymer sealant to lift dirt, grime, oil and bird droppings. It is Eco-Friendly product to save water and electricity while providing the polymer sealant layer that not cleans, but protects your car paint. It is perfect for water restricted areas in UAE, where you cannot openly use water to wash your car.

Washing a car may use up to 60 liters of water, PG Perma Glass Waterless Wash n Shine helps save water and the environment.

Our unique formula can do 4 large SUVs, saving over AED 200 dirhams every month by saving money on washing the car.

PG Perma Glass Wonder Clay

After washing your car run your finger tips on the car paint surface, you will feel bumps or roughness. They are stubborn industrial fallouts, tree saps, brake dust, over spray paints, and road tar that could not be washed off with ordinary car wash. They actually dull your car paint and make your car lack luster or shine.


For heavy soiled and grime vehicles, clean vehicle with water before using PG Waterless Wash n Shine for easier work and to prevent scratches.


500ml PG Perma Glass Waterless Wash n Shine, 2 Pieces microfiber cloth, 100g PG Perma Glass Wonder Clay.

How to Use PG Waterless Wash n Shine

  1. Spray and saturate the car panel, let it soak into the grime.
  2. Fold the microfiber cloth into quarter. Wipe the soaked surface in one direction.
  3. Dirt and grime being removed from the surface.
  4. Spray water onto the cleaned car panel.
  5. Knead and flatten the PG Wonder Clay.
  6. Glide the Clay on the wet panel. Run finger tips to feel the bumps disappear.
  7. Buff to glass smooth surface.


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