PG Pro Perma Glass PG 4 Heavy Cut Compound

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PG Pro Perma Glass PG 4 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound

PG 4 Heavy Cut polishing compound is the most advanced formula for professional use and is body shop safe that removes very heavy and wet sand scratches from the car paint. PG 4 has been specially formulated to use for automotive surface preparation. It is widely used before nano ceramic coating applications for preparing the surface because of Non-Silicone Formula. Polishing compounds that are without Silicone are much easier to handle before nano ceramic coatings.

PG Pro Heavy Cut Compound Features

  • Non-silicone, body shop safe
  • Moderate-high abrasive level
  • Diminishing abrasive technology
  • Removes very heavy and wet sand scratches
  • Removes very heavy oxidation, orange peel and water spots
  • Suitable for badly weathered paint surfaces
  • Suitable for machine and hand use
  • No dust formation

Directions for using PG Pro PG 4 Heavy Cut Compound Polish

  1. Always wash the car before application
  2. For Orbital Polishers: Apply PG Pro Heavy Cut onto heavy cut, medium cut or wool pad and polish with medium-high pressure and speed.
  3. For Hand Application: Squeeze PG 4 onto the applicator pad and polish in a circular motion with sufficient pressure.
  4. Wipe off the residue using clean microfiber towel cloth and water.
  5. For best results apply PG Pro Ultra-Gloss Coating for maximum protection, shine and gloss finish.
  6. Polishing Pad: Medium Cut Finishing Pad, Heavy Cut Finishing Pad or Wool Pad.
  7. Can be used with Orbital DA Polisher OR Rotary Polisher.

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