Ceramic Shield 9H Nano Coating


Ceramic Shield 9H Nano Coating

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Ceramic Shield 9H Protective Coating

Ceramic Shield 9H protective coating is the premium DIY (Do It Yourself) nano ceramic coating made with high quality nano materials. The easy to apply formula forms a layer of crystalline coating on the surface of car paint. Liquid nano ceramic coating provides maximum level of protection and shine on your car paint and alloy wheels. The German formula is better than most nano coatings available in the market. Ceramic Shield can last upto 2 years when applied in multiple layers and regular maintenance after every 6 months.

Ceramic Shield Features

It provides maximum level of protection against harmful UV rays and extreme weather conditions. It protects the car from all type of liquids including acid rain, water ponds, bird droppings and other harmful elements. The unique formula provides rust protection and prevent fading of the faint. 9H pencil hardness is laboratory tested providing protection against minor scratches.

How to Apply

The application is very easy and the package contains all the necessary accessories for the application including the microfiber towel for wiping the coating. Make sure before application that your car paint is prepared for nano ceramic coating applications by washing, polishing and removing scratches. Wrap the cloth around the sponge, drop 10-12 drops on the sponge and apply in 30cmx30cm area evenly in horizontal and vertical pattern. Complete the full car part by part in small areas and wait for 5-7 minutes before buffing the coating to make it even. You can repeat the process for 3-4 layers that can last upto 2 years.

Recommended Quantity

1 bottle is enough for one car, but it is recommended to use 2-3 layers to create a strong bond on the car. Single layer may not last long or perform well because single application may leave some areas uncoated.

Additional information

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